Tribute to Primitive Art

Many years ago I asked myself what a tribal art lover and a tribesman have in common. I thought and I still think the common ground is passion. This is certainly of two different origins - for the one, it is art, cult for the other. Nevertheless, they have a specific similarity: the passionate tribute to primitive art.


Primitive Art is not simple - it is perfect

The primitive art of the African tribes and cultures has steadily increased its status in the world of art over the decades. This gallery is an homage to African tribal art, an homage to the perfection of primitive art. For us, primitive art is not simple - it is perfect. And that's because it's simple. 


The fascination of this art form is essentially based on this simplicity. Especially this simplicity - in the sense of "relaxed and focused" - allowed the Africans the pure spirit, the clear view and the calm hand from which the African tribal art could emerge in its variety and splendour.


The interplay of colours, patterns and materials, equally oriented towards nature and cult, makes African sculptures and masks individual and exceptionally decorative works of art. The objects are formally virtuosic, many of them outstanding. But not only the form or the incomparable haptics, also the individual past of the objects gives each of them special vitality and strength. They are full of stories and history, culturally interesting and relevant.


My name is Alexander Dorn, born in 1966. My passion for African Tribal Art began 2004.

Until 2016 I worked as a publishing and marketing manager, CEO and managing partner in German media companies. In 2017 I decided to combine my professional skills with my private passion.


The product of this decision is the Tribute Gallery,

Alexander Dorn, founder & tribal art lover