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General information

The Tribute Gallery is an international online gallery for African tribal art. There are no public gallery-rooms. A visit to the properties you are interested in is generally possible at your home. See the following point "Return Policy".

Return Policy

You can not buy Tribal Art without holding it in your hand. Ideally, you can look at it for a few days at home. That's why each of our customers can view delivered items for 2 weeks before deciding. You can cancel any purchase without giving reasons. We will provide you a 100% refund after you return the affected object. Please check our GTA below for details.

Shipping & Insurance

Purchased objects will be shipped as insured package via DHL Worldwide.

General terms and conditions

If you are interested in purchasing an object, we will send you an offer and our terms and conditions. You can also see the terms and conditions here (English or German). The purchase contract is concluded by your payment.

English Version (9.3.2018)
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German Version (9.3.18)
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