Collector's Salon

New event series near Brussels

Opposite the Vismarkt in the old town of Leuven (Belgium) is a magnificent 18th century townhouse. After the rooms of this building have been renovated over 1 year and equipped with antique furniture and showcases, it is now the home of Spectandum - an eclectic art collection at the highest level. Two floors filled with Victorian preparations, Baroque painting, 19th century didactic objects, ethnographic art and other fascinating curiosities.


From 2020, the Collector's Salon will take place several times a year in this Wunderkammer - an exclusive series of events in cooperation with private collectors and museums. These all-day events with the motto "Exceptional aspects of art" will be moderated by renowned specialists in their respective fields. In addition to the lectures, there will be discussions and meals and, of course, plenty of time for the inspection of all exhibited objects.


The premiere event will be dedicated to one of the highlights of the Spectandum Collection: the anatomical model of a gorilla, designed and constructed in 1889 by physician Louis Jérôme Auzoux on behalf of Napoleon III. There were a total of five specimens. The other four of these 1:1 scale models are in the Muséum National de l'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, the Musée et Conservatoire d'Anatomie in Montpellier, the Museum Boerhaave in Leiden and a private collection in Haarlem. They are all made entirely of papier-mâché and can be disassembled down to the last detail. The highly elaborate restoration of the Spectandum Gorilla was documented on film. This film and of course the gorilla will be the subject of the first Collector's Salon. 


Further salons in the coming year will be dedicated to the objects of the Mambila, Nigeria, the glass bead art of the Cameroon kingdoms at the turn of the century and the magnificent church windows of the 18th and 19th centuries. You will receive further information with each invitation. 

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About Spectandum

The man behind the Spectandum Collection is the Belgian Guy Kuypers. The history of his collection began at the Porte de Clignancourt in Paris with a glass box of Napoleon III filled with prepared exotic birds. The colourful animals awakened Kuypers' imagination and marked the beginning of his great passion for natural history, ethnography, European art, antiques and curiosities, which drove him on all continents in search of fascinating and rare objects. 


Whether natural or artificial, all these objects have an interesting story to tell. Guy Kuypers is passionate about combining pieces that relate to each other in a variety of ways, creating an eclectic cabinet of curiosities. The result is Spectandum.