African Masks and Sculptures for sale

On this page we present our current sales portfolio of African masks and sculptures. Click on the tribal art object of your choice to get a 360° view and a detailed exposé. As a subscriber to our Pre-Sale Newsletter you will automatically receive new tribal art objects by email. And of course we grant all customers the opportunity to view all African masks and figures at home for 14 days and without obligation. Further information can be found in our service area.

Lobi Figure from Burkina Faso with artificial posture
Songye Fetish "nkisi" (Congo) with original attributes
Bamileke Mask (Ku n'gan society) with human hair, cowries and golden amulet

Boki Figure, Nigeria, with red patina and strong posture.
Tabwa Figure, Congo, with old patina and metal ring around neck
Longuda figure from Nigeria with archaic expression

Giphogo-Mask, Pende, Congo, ex. Kegel-Konietzko
Mambila figure of stone on a socket.
Bambara Figure with fine scarification and shiny patina.
Teke-Tsaye Mask "kidumu" with original decoration
Mambila Figure "tadep" with beautiful face and posture
Luba Figure on calabash with very nice face

Chamba Figure with strong posture and dry patina
Giphogo Mask, Pende. Reddish wood with leathery patina
Boki figure with striking round eyes. Unique piece from the collection of K.-F. Schaedler.

Elephant Mask from Bali, Cameroon, with old patina.
Tiv Figure with old glass beads around neck
Pende Mask with full decoration and beautiful face.

Elephant mask "ogbodo enyi"  from the northern Igbo/Izzi people. Very cubistic piece with original painting in black, white and orange