28. February 2019
Courageous artistic inventor, incomparable painter, founder of the legendary Malmö gallery Colibri and member of the European avant-garde CoBrA group: CO Hultén (1916-2015) was always ready for new horizons and adventures. And he was a collector of African Tribal Art. Tribute Gallery presents 3 CO Hultén pieces from Mali and Côte d'Ivoire in upcoming Pre-Sale 2/19.
05. February 2019
Tribute Gallery offers 4 objects from Magnus Svensson Collection - exclusively and for a limited time. Among them a Makonde Spatula with the provenance Pierre Dartevelle.

15. August 2018
There were truly special circumstances under which the mask presented here changed its owner in the 1960ths. For many years it was in the personal use of the King of Bana. But because it could not save the king from the deadly sickness, he gave it to the man who was able to do exactly that. Even though this act deprived the mask of its ritual power, it has been able to keep a special secret until today: it is part o of a previously unknown Ku n'gan triplet of outstanding aesthetics and impact.
01. July 2018
Look forward to some beautiful new objects that we have prepared for you. Among them a very expressive Izzy elephant mask of the Ibo from Nigeria, a Mambila figure from the collection of Lucien van de Velde, a magical Lobi figure from Burkina Faso and a very old Lega mask, collected by Hans Himmelheber.

08. May 2018
In 1922, Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti went to study in Paris, but fell in love with the city and never left. Now, the Giacometti Foundation in Paris will honor the figurative artist at the new Giacometti Institute, which opens its doors on June 20 (coinciding with the Giacometti retrospective at the Guggenheim in New York on June 8).