Makonde Ceremonial Spatula

No longer available

  • Tanzania
  • Makonde
  • 77 cm
  • brown wood with old reddish colouring. Lower part lighter, as this was probably in a filled tub. 
  • matt shimmering patina
  • traces of 6 upholstery nails each on the front and back of the upper spatula part.


  • Pierre Dartevelle, Brussels
  • Magnus Svensson, Sweden
Masterfully carved Makonde spatula with matt shining patina.

Further information

The objects of the Makonde are among the most important works of tribal art in East Africa. Ceremonially used spatulas like this are very rare. Our research only revealed one further object of this kind, which in our opinion is inferior to the object presented here. 


The masterfully carved head of the otherwise strongly graphic figure at the upper end of the spatula shows typical Makonde features. The asymmetrical hairstyle, the broad nose and last but not least the distinctive lips and the scarifications.


Towards the bottom, the slender, reddish-brown and matt shining object turns into a dry light brown. 

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