African Tribal Art

Authenticity, experience and passion

Welcome to our online gallery. We present and sell authentic African tribal art from private collections, some of them internationally renowned and with over 100 years of history, experience and passion. The age of the African masks and sculptures we have selected for you dates back to the early 20th century and even beyond. All tribal art objects offered by us meet our authenticity criteria.

Ethnology and artistic finesse

For us, an African tribal art object is always a unity of two basic components: a ritual object of an African tribe and a unique work of art whose finesse challenges and inspires the viewer. That is why we pay special attention to African figures, masks and sculptures, which are characterized not only by their authenticity and the ethnological relevance associated with it, but also by a special artistic touch. You will find an overview of our current selection in the Portfolio section. Alternatively you can navigate through the small pictures at the bottom of the page.

African tribal art and art in general

Many authentic African masks and figures are of the highest artistic quality. Objects with these characteristics can be perfectly combined with any kind of art. In our opinion, African tribal art must even be combined in this way if it is to be fully expressed. 

How to collect African tribal art today

The Tribute Gallery is a gallery for art lovers of the 21st century. For people who want to enhance the impact and charisma of art objects by combining them. That's why in our PopUp-Art section we present various art objects that can be combined particularly well with African tribal art.

Untold stories about African tribal art and beyond

Another section in which we deal with African tribal art in detail and in the context of other beautiful things is our Tribute Magazine. The best way to title the rather editorial magazine section is "Research and Inspiration".  Here you will find interesting reports and interviews, enlightening background information on tribal art objects, collector portraits, surprising guest contributions and a growing variety of news from the wonderful world of art, architecture and interior design.

About us

Tribute. This name is representative of the great admiration we pay to African tribal art. In the Tribute section you can learn more about the primitive origin of our passion.

Sincerely yours

Alexander Dorn